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Jerusalem Old City


Jerusalem Old City Restaurants

  • Jewish Quarter
  • B'shaarayich is an elegant dairy restaurant located in the most magical place in Jerusalem's - Jewish Quarter.

  • The Hurva Synagogue's arc now houses a restaurant that is a central location for visitors and celebrations of private events.

  • Previously situated in front of the reconstructed temple Menorah now the cafe stands on the main road leading to the Wall. The place offers drinks and dairy desserts and is good to hold events such as bar mitzvahs.

  • Christian Quarter
  • His hummus joint is considered to be one of the best in the Old City. The family business opened 60 years ago and is currently ran by the 2nd and 3rd generation for over 25 years.

  • The restaurant works in the centre of the Christian quarter for over a dozen years and is half a minute walk from all the major spots. The place offers Mediterranean food.

  • At the end of a small alley near Market Abtimos this hummus joint offers - besides hummus of course - meat dishes and menus for more than fifty years.

  • Muslim Quarter
  • Last time we checked, there was no sea in Jerusalem, yet there are numerous fish restaurants in the city - one even right next to the Western Wall.

  • Amidst the butchers, under arches of sausages hanging from hooks hides the small restaurant of Abu Taher with authentic Arabic dishes and atmosphere.

  • The Middle-Eastern restaurant lies at the buzzing centre of the Muslim market surrounded by candy, jewellery and perfume stores.

  • The place opened in 1951 soon turned into a shrine of baklava, kanafeh and other pastries. The great and spacious store's staff fed many famous people baklava, such as Moshe Dayan and Teddy Kollek.

  • The store exists since 1956 and has been passed from father to son. At the moment Wasim is in charge who would be happy to make your day happier and healthier

  • If you visit the store while the works are going it will be an unforgettable experience. But even if you are not that lucky, you can still stock up on sesame oil, sesame milk or tahini.